The first Remlet bracelet was made on September 15, 2015, the day after the tragic death of my 21-year-old cousin, Alexa Anne Cioffi.

As we gathered at Alexa’s home, I sat with everyone and started creating bracelets using a box of beads on the table. I included her name or initials, along with the word “Family.” Before I knew it, a bracelet was designed in her memory.

My soul found comfort while making that first Remlet bracelet, so I purchased my own beads and starting creating more remembrance bracelets. Over the course of the week following Alexa’s death, I made as many bracelets as I could during each sleepless night. I handed them out in an effort to relieve the pain of those who missed her as much as I did. Everyone who wore one of my bracelets felt a sense of comfort, as they knew they were honoring Alexa’s memory in a simple yet beautiful way.

In search of comfort after Alexa’s passing, I created Remlet, and it now allows me to fill my heart with joy and spread that joy to others.

by Jennifer Turchi

– To honor Alexa’s love for animals, 10% of the profits made from sales of Remlet bracelets will be donated to a charity for animals. –


First Remlet Made

The first Remlets created by Jennifer Turchi on September 15, 2015 at the house of Alexa Ann Cioffi.  

Second Version of the Remlet

The second version of the Remlet created by Jennifer Turchi on September 16, 2015.  This is the version of the Remlet that was handed out to family and friends in honor of Alexa’s memory.

Remlet Angel Version

Alexa Anne Cioffi soon became known as “Our Sweet Angel” and that’s when the Remlet Angel was created.  It’s to represent what Alexa meant to the hearts that she encountered.


Remlet was created in memory of Alexa Anne Cioffi, who passed away tragically on September 14, 2015. Her body was pinned underneath a 22-foot boat when it detached from a pickup truck and slammed into her. She was only 21 years old when the horrific, unimaginable accident cut her young and promising life short.

Family and friends remember Alexa as a vibrant, beautiful woman whose mind, body, and soul shone brightly for all to see. She had a positive impact on everyone she met, so hearts were shattered when people learned of her sudden and unexpected passing.

Alexa was especially adored by her family, as she was known as a protector of those she cared about. But even though she was so close to her family, she also always extended her love to everyone she met, and she gladly considered anyone who accepted her love a part of her family as well.

Even though Alexa has passed on and is now at peace, her spirit lives on through every individual she touched, as well as through every Remlet bracelet that’s produced, shared, and worn with her memory in mind.